Are you looking for the taste of your product, the heart of your product or a special taste combination? There is no need to continue to search, we can help you!

At Aroma, we develop flavours and food products and can offer advice on taste. We are here to answer any food questions you may have. Together we can create your unique product. The possibilities are endless!

At Aroma, our objective is to provide flexibility, creativity, innovation and great customer service.

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Product development

We develop food products for our customers in addition to the best selected flavours.

Flavour development

Our main task is to develop and create new, innovative flavours. We are specialised in natural flavours and extracts. Do you want to know more?


Searching for advice? Is there a problem with the taste of your product? We can find the solution for you. Are you curious about the shelf life of your product? We can help to test this.








Our website will tell you more about our business, our flavours and it will also show you a few of our developments. Our flavours can be ordered in various sizes.


Flavour development

Searching for the heart of your product? We want to work together to create your unique taste and flavour.

Product development

Do you want to launch your own product? We can help you with the development of the perfect product.